How to Add an App to your Facebook Page by using your APP_ID

Creating an app or selecting an already existing one is easy, but then I spend a few hours figuring out how to add it as a tab. Especially since it won’t show up in FB search so how do you actually achieve that?! For those of us trying to find documentation on Facebook Developers or on Facebook Help, you wont find out how to add your application. Or anyone else’s to your page.

There is one requirement to be able to do so, and that’s to know your APP_ID. You don’t have to be technical, anyone can do this! You just have to know what your APP_ID is before you are able to do so. (it does require you being a Facebook App developer or knowing one who’s an admin for that app)

How to locate your APP_ID:

  1. Navigate to this link
  2. Summary –> App ID/API Key It should look something like this “125458965878548″
  3. Copy it

How to add an app to your page:

Use the URI below, replacing “APP_ID” with the ID of the app you want to add.

Then simply select the page you want to add the App to, and you should be able to navigate to it easily!