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    UX Designer vs UI Designer 

    This is pretty spot on. UI Designers are cooler. #justsayin

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    UX designer Curt Alredge wanted to test if the assertion made by Aubrey Johnson was true:

    Hollow icons create more work for users and ultimately create cognitive fatigue

    Icon differences

    Icon Recognition Test is a web app game that will test your skills in identifying hollow and non-hollow icons.

    Research has shown that users begin to map the meaning of icons to their positions in the interface – was a line from Alredge’s article which I agree with mostly, especially as I took the test. If an icon appeared nearby an item I was looking for, I would tend to look for the next icon in search near there. If it was close by, quicker correct answer.


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    What Leap Motion And Google Glass Mean For Future User Experience | Smashing UX Design 

    WHOA… hold on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!!!

    With the Leap Motion controller being released on July 22nd and the Google Glass Explorer program already live, it is obvious that our reliance on the mouse or even the monitor to interact with the Web will eventually become obsolete.

    The above statement seems like a given, considering that technology moves at such a rapid pace. Yet in 40 years of personal computing, our methods of controlling our machines haven’t evolved beyond using a mouse, keyboard and perhaps a stylus. Only in the last six years have we seen mainstream adoption of touchscreens.

    Given that emerging control devices such as the Leap Controller are enabling us to interact with near pixel-perfect accuracy in 3-D space, our computers will be less like dynamic pages of a magazine and more like windows to another world. To make sure we’re on the same page, please take a minute to check out what the Leap Motion controller can do:

    What Leap Motion And Google Glass Mean For Future User Experience | Smashing UX Design.

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    The Future of User Interfaces | Webdesigntuts+.

    This is a must read for any designer or developer out there IMHO.

    We are web designers and developers. As obvious as our work is (we build interactive media applications) there’s a deeper meaning to what we do. We analyze design problems and explore different concepts to solve them. This also means that we think of the communication between a device and the user. We develop that communication. We design what the user sees and does.

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    Principles of User Interface Design 

    An excellent list of the principles of UI Design:

    1. Clarity is job #1

      Clarity is the first and most important job of any interface. To be effective using an interface you’ve designed, people must be able to recognize what it is, care about why they would use it, understand what the interface is helping them interact with, predict what will happen when they use it, and then successfully interact with it. While there is room for mystery and delayed gratification in interfaces, there is no room for confusion. Clarity inspires confidence and leads to further use. One hundred clear screens is preferable to a single cluttered one.

    2. Interfaces exist to enable interaction

      Interfaces exist to enable interaction between humans and our world. They can help clarify, illuminate, enable, show relationships, bring us together, pull us apart, manage our expectations, and give us access to services. The act of designing interfaces is not Art. Interfaces are not monuments unto themselves. Interfaces do a job and their effectiveness can be measured. They are not just utilitarian, however. The best interfaces can inspire, evoke, mystify, and intensify our relationship with the world.

    3. Conserve attention at all costs

      We live in a world of interruption. It’s hard to read in peace anymore without something trying to distract us and direct our attention elsewhere. Attention is precious. Don’t litter the side of your applications with distractible material…remember why the screen exists in the first place. If someone is reading let them finish reading before showing that advertisement (if you must). Honor attention and not only will your readers be happier, your results will be better. When use is the primary goal, attention becomes the prerequisite. Conserve it at all costs.

    Read the rest here: Principles of User Interface Design.

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    iOS GUI Kits | The Stock Well – Helping Creativity 

    A lot of work that “web designers” do these days is not actually for  the web, but rather for mobile devices, and a good portion of this work is for Apple ios devices.

    Originally ios had one look for most components of the iOS operating system, but those days are gone and at this stage many of the elements of the OS can be almost as original as you want them to be. But that does not mean you have to do a lot of original work, because folks on sites like Behance, Dribbble, and others are busy creating a-m-a-z-ing os GUI kits to share with all.

    Please don’t misunderstand I am not advocating copying, but if you can cut some production time by having a better starting point and then changing elements from there, then life is good.

    Here now, so great IOS GUI kits:

    via iOS GUI Kits | The Stock Well – Helping Creativity.

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    Free High Quality UI Freebies From Dribbble | DesignWoop.

    Gotta love freebies! Especially high quality freebies from the fine members of Dribbble.

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    Avengers – jayse.

    Amazing. … UI examples from the Avengers movie. Ton of em.

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    “Buttons Were an Inspired UI Hack, but Now We’ve Got Better Options” (Global Moxie).

    More about this whole Buttons are Hacks debate.

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    5 Ways That Android Is Trying To Break The Mobile UI Paradigm | Co.Design: business + innovation + design.

    A MUST read for the Design team at MARC. Let’s try to get our thinking going in this direction. It will add to more creativity and options. Let go of the button… let go of the button.. let go of the button…

    Application interfaces have always felt like functional assemblies of buttons. Because, after all, they took their cues from machines. Want to make a machine do something? Push a button. But as you flip through Ice Cream Sandwich’s screens, you get a much different feeling. Each screen feels lightweight, as if it were a page in a magazine, rather than a set of knobs and switches. Even the phone dialer looks light and sleek. It’s clear how to use it, of course. It just doesn’t feel so … buttony.

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    Recent / iOS UI Patterns beta.

    AWESOME. UI Patterns for iOS. This will come in very handy yo.


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    Mobile UI Patterns › Activity Feeds.

    This page is pretty awesome. Patterns for mobile design.

    It’s simple and easy to get a quick look at how some other apps are designing things like Check-in Screen, Custom Tab Nav, Lists, etc.


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