What are the three keys to effective mobile social marketing?

With more consumers using their mobile devices to access social networks, brands need to start thinking differently in terms of their social media strategy.

Consumers are using their mobile devices as the main way of connecting to social media sites, leaving an opportunity for mobile marketers to tap into. In particular, marketers need to pay especially high attention to time and focus on short messages when marrying mobile and social media marketing this holiday season.

“We are just beginning to think about the customer experience across mobile and non-mobile channels,” said Erika Brookes, vice president of marketing at Vitrue, Salem, NH.

“Marketers need to understand how each channel varies in terms of user engagement, user experience and the benefit for the end user,” she said.

Key punctuation

According to data collected from Virtue, punctuation and grammar are vital to targeting the right group of mobile consumers.

Short, targeted messages that point across quickly are key.

For example, Facebook posts with question marks in them received 4.8 percent less likes than posts without them, and posts with an exclamation point generated 13.7 percent less likes than those used without an exclamation point.

Additionally, across all pages sizes – including Web and mobile – social media posts with less than 70 characters received more likes and comments.

For mobile devices specifically, engagement increased by 4.3 percent when messages were less than 70 characters long.

Virtue’s data is proof that when planning a social media marketing initiative on mobile devices, it is better to be short and sweet because consumers have less attention on mobile than they do on desktop experiences.

via What are the three keys to effective mobile social marketing? – Mobile Marketer – Social networks.