Pointroll Rick Media – New Creative Executions!

Hey there,

Here are some recently released creative executions via Pointroll that I thought you might like to have a look at for Rich Media banner executions. I know most of our clients use DoubleClick, but True Value uses Pointroll…

I’ll be getting these seasonally. Let me know if you find it useful for the work we do on PAL, RA, Cooper, TV, etc. These include a pharmacy and contest example, along with different animations, click thrus, etc.

1. Vertical: Dairy Products

Vertical: Dairy Products

Features: (Expandable) Interactivity, Nutritional Info, Data Entry/Collection, Locate a Retailer, Click through to Coupon, Click to Facebook


2. Vertical: Traditional Telecommunications Service

Features: (Expandable) Multiple Videos, Audio, Click to Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, Wallpaper and Screen Saver Downloads


3. Vertical: Drug Stores & Pharmacies

Features: (Expandable) Paper Boy, Product Scrolling, Email Signup, Data Entry/Collection, Pricing


4. Vertical: Beer

Features: (Expandable) Interactivity, Data Entry/Collection, Click to Facebook, Google Maps, Product Selector and Locator


5. Vertical: Manufacturing

Features: (Expandable) Interactivity, Gaming, Audio, Legal


6. Vertical: Discount & Variety

Features: (Expandable) Pricing, Product Selecting and Scrolling, Interactivity


7. Vertical: Other Internet
Features: (Expandable) Nutritional Info Scroller, Interactivity, Email a Friend


8. Vertical: Oil, Gasoline, & Lubricants
Features: (Polite) Interactivity, Gaming


9. Vertical: Fast Food & Quick Service Restaurants
Features: (Expandable) Video, Click through to game, Interactivity


10. Vertical: Travel & Tourism
Features: (Expandable) Location Scrolling, Hotspotting, Interactivity



From the mind of..

Jessica Frey
MARC USA, Chicago
Interactive Account Executive
(312) 494-7880 | jfrey@marcusa.com