Placeit by Breezi Lets You Showcase Prototypes In Realistic Environments

Placeit by Breezi – Elegant And Modern Screenshots, Though A Little Apple-heavy

Placeit by Breezi is a web app that can be used absolutely free and without the requirement of any type of registration. 16 different professional photo environments can be chosen to present your next big (web) app project. After having chosen the appropriate environment you drag and drop the screenshot to be visualized into it. Placeit cares for fitting it correctly into the photo. Proportion and perspective is automatically adjusted.

Placeit’s photos show a wide variety of Apple devices from different angles and in different environments, such as iPhones, iPads, Macbooks and iMacs. Mobile devices are additionally shown in action, in the hands of their users. Each photo is equipped with a recommendation as to how large the minimum screenshot size should be. My own recommendation is to just use the largest possible screenshot. If you like to have the most authentic effect just stick to the recommended resolutions.

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