IE10: How does it really stack up?

Most browser benchmarks, such as SunSpider, the V8 benchmark suite, and so on, focus on important but narrow low-level functionality, such as mathematical calculation speed. Our benchmark is not directly comparable to these other benchmarks, as we’re attempting to measure user-visible speed of an entire graphical application. We are measuring a much wider variety of performance characteristics to answer questions such as:

  • How quickly does the canvas API execute?
  • How does the browser perform when we are rapidly changing the size of canvases?
  • How quickly can major number-crunching happen on a complex data set in Javascript?
  • How quickly can a very complex DOM including tens of thousands of elements be laid out and rendered?
  • How quickly can we reorder, re-Z-index, re-style, render to, and move around thousands of elements in the DOM?

While Chrome is still the fastest browser in the test – some of the results may surprise some. However, there were many instances where IE10’s speed times came at the expense of frame-rendering, etc.

Its probably something you need to read … IE10: How does it really stack up? – Lucidchart.