Google Analytics Individual Qualification test?

Obergine posted an interesting article recently about how best to go about preparing for and taking the Google Analytics certification exam. What caught my eye were the sites (in bold below) they cited – and how they might help us level up on Google Analytics.

from the article…

Conversion academy website: A great site to help you learn the basics of Google Analytics. The audio lessons run quite fast so pause according to your speed. It’s also a good idea to keep Google Analytics account open to practice whilst being taught.

Unfortunately this doesn’t include all the detail you’ll need to pass the exam but it’s a good place to start.

Google Analytics help centre: I found the Google help centre had more information than the Conversion Academy website. Also if you are visual learner like me, audio lessons can sometimes be harder to digest; therefore reading from the site made it easier for me to recall information and enabled me to make notes at my own speed.

Google Analytics test website: Even though it is not recognised as an official study source for the exam, this website is one of the most useful practice tools for the Google Analytics Individual Certificate. It has some excellent content and most importantly the website can help you get used to the layout of the actual exam. Each question and answer is explained in detail here. However don’t hold your breath on having the same questions come up in the actual exam!

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